Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Truth is, Bush and Cheney are Still Lying

This is how illogical it gets:

Appearing on CNN's "Larry King Live" program, McCain said that those spreading violence in Iraq "are the same guys who would be in New York if we don't win in Iraq."--Yahoo News
After Bush’s Iraq speech the comments were flying. But Senator John McCain’s remark stands out because of two things. If the terrorists causing havoc in Iraq wanted to come to New York, whether or not the US military was in Iraq, they would. Not fighting a war in Iraq would not make it somehow easier for terrorists to wreak havoc somewhere else. This thinking is dangerous and counter-productive.

The second reason McCain’s statement is problematical, is that the Iraqis are no happier that their country is occupied and insurgents are killing Iraqis everyday, than if the US military were not there and the insurgency wound down, even if it makes McCain and his fellow Americans more comfortable.

What else is illogical, is that impeachment hearings have not been scheduled yet, when the case of “high crimes and misdemeanors” required by the Constitution clearly has been met. Short of treason and bribery which are the obvious reasons to impeach an official, Bush and Cheney have lied to congress about reasons for the Iraq invasion, and these lies by themselves meet two out of three of the

schools of thought about the appropriate definition: (1) serious criminality evidenced by breaking existing law; (2) an abuse of office, and (3) the Alexander Hamilton standard (Federalist 65) of "violation of public trust."--CSPAN

The generality of examples 2 and 3 above still require that at least the House Judiciary Committee initiate impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney. We the people are entitled to a debate when so much in blood and money is at stake. Ridding this country of its corrupt leadership would open the door for an abrupt change in Iraq policy, getting our troops home and ending the senseless bloodshed and waste of money.

The beginning of truth and justice requires the foresight of the American people to stop seeing the war in Iraq as somehow tied to security against terrorism. The Bush/Cheney lie of connecting Iraq to the events of 9/11 needs to be hammered down until the light pours in and the US gets its priorities back in order of fixing the healthcare morass and aiding the poor and hungry of the world. Terrorists will find it difficult to find new recruits among people whose standard of living provides enough to eat and a secure home. All the money wasted in the futile Iraq occupation could be going toward tangible positive goals.

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