Sunday, September 12, 2010

Foggy Hope

Frank Rich really is the eternal hopeful optimist. I haven't heard an "encouraging word" from any Democrat recently about Obama's chances for re-election, let alone the mid term congressional seats coming up. Among my top favorite columnists, Rich sites varying polls and trends to show that, with a good "oomph" from Obama, as opposed to the steady monotonous teaching speeches, the President could change the course of what seems to be looming--Republican takeover of the House at least.

Then again, if you think back two years from right now, with Obama about to be elected President and the country turning against the incumbent Republicans--the atmosphere sure feels different.

In fact, based on historical statistics, it's entirely possible Obama and the dems will hold their own in the upcoming elections:

"...examples of 1962, 1990 and 1998 demonstrate that an incumbent president can in fact lose ground in Congress without being "shellacked."

All of this speculation isn't helping those out of work, or the poor, or people who are losing their homes to the banks. It's still worth a second to think about who would be better in charge now--the Bush/Cheney/Republican congress debacle of the last decade, or the possibility of hope, even in the mist, now.