Tuesday, June 07, 2005

There’s no Vaccine for Greed

Barbara Loe Fisher, president of another parent-led group, the National Vaccine Information Center, said Wyeth should have removed thimerosal from its vaccines when it reformulated Dristan…Prudence "would dictate that if they were to take it out of over-the-counter products, that they would take it out of every product that was consumed or injected into humans," she said.— “Firm Removed Mercury From Nasal Spray, Not Infant Shots” Los Angeles Times June 7, 2005
In yet another blazing display of unremorseful lack of ethics, drug giant Wyeth is caught in the act of using a known neurotoxin, thimerosal, as a preservative in their infant vaccines while removing it to avoid a warning label on Dristan, the nasal spray. Proposition 65 in California requires a warning label for dangerous substances, including ethyl mercury in thimerosal.

Because prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration are exempt from Proposition 65, vaccine makers had not been forced to choose between using warning labels in California or reformulating their products, as Wyeth was with Dristan.
Just in case you thought Wyeth had a conscience, Dristan that was sold outside of California still had thimerosal in it since the non-thimerosal version tended to be more irritating to the nasal membranes.

Wyeth attorney Daniel J. Thomasch said "there was no inconsistency whatsoever" in the company's decisions regarding Dristan and pediatric vaccines."There was no safety concern about thimerosal in either Dristan or vaccines," Thomasch said, adding that the change in Dristan was triggered solely by Proposition 65, not health considerations.
There’s another reason my wife quit law school—who wants to be that removed from morality?

Did Wyeth have a clue about the dangers of thimerosal in the first place? Who knows—they are not releasing any internal discussions about the issue.

But a 1991 Merck memo previously disclosed by The Times reflected concern within the company's vaccine division. In the memo, a former top Merck scientist calculated that 6-month-old infants who got all their shots on time could get a mercury dose as much as 87 times higher than the guideline for maximum consumption of mercury from fish."When viewed in this way, the mercury load
appears rather large," the memo said.
Doesn’t matter about the mercury anyway, because that is a real red herring. The problem with vaccines lies in the toxins they are made out of—the germs that supposedly will fool your body into manufacturing antibodies against—that’s what causes autism and all the other related auto-immune deficient syndromes. When the drug companies finally take out the mercury from vaccines, and there is still autism et al, will the powers-that-be claim that vaccines don’t cause autism? Or will there be enough research to show that indeed they do?

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