Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Nixon or Bush: McGovern

In light of yesterday’s revelation of the identity of Woodward and Bernstein’s background source, “Deep Throat,” former senator and presidential candidate George McGovern was interviewed on the MSNBC TV show, “Connected: Coast to Coast.” Monica Crowley, host of the show and author of books on Richard Nixon, asked McGovern what he thought was learned from the tragedy of the events known as “Watergate.” McGovern’s conclusion was that not much of a lesson has been learned.

The reason, McGovern explained, surrounds the current Bush administration’s fabrication of grounds for invading Iraq, including stating a connection between Iraq and the 9/11 terrorists, which was not true. McGovern went on to say that until the US Army arrived in Iraq, there was no threat of terrorism from that country. He said the Bush administration lied to the American people and thus the surveillance capabilities of having a government accountable to the people has not improved as it might have had there been a lesson learned from Watergate.

McGovern concluded by saying that, even though it might sound shocking, he would prefer Nixon and his people to be in today’s White House instead of Bush and his administration. That’s not a great choice, but the point is well made: as soon as a majority of Americans agrees with what George McGovern said, and wakes up to how utterly duplicitous Bush and company are, then we will have learned one lesson from Watergate.

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