Thursday, December 13, 2007

HIB Vaccine is Putrid

Funny story: I'm 57 years old. When I was a kid I was vaccinated according to the "modern" protocol of polio shots, oral polio vaccines, and Diphtheria, Pertusis, and Tetanus, among others. Kids are still getting these shots when they visit the pediatrician--my question is does anyone ever hear of a kid getting any of these "plagues" these days? Diphtheria is non existent and the shot only uses an anti-toxin in case of its presence anyway--waste of time and money. Google up tetanus and see how many cases of THAT awful disease plagued the US population last year--and pertusis, or more colloquially-known as "Whooping Cough,"--comes and goes as it pleases vaccines or not. Antibiotics curb it's incursion while the vaccine (DPT) has caused untold maladies and misfortunes among its recipients.

I am one--I received all those fashionable new life-saving vaccines in the 1950's, when I was a developing baby-boomer. I even remember to this day--fifty years later--the pain in my left arm and my inability to move it due to the pain, and my parents and everyone elese saying, "That means the shot is "taking,"" --Ignorant-speak for the vaccine is working that's why you feel the pain.

Years go by, and with the knowledge and understanding of the dreadful adverse effects of injecting toxins into an immature bloodstream, my mom and I discuss these reactions I had to the shots wya back when--turns out mom knew better! She was young and in those days you went along with educated authoritative thinking of the day--but she told me she thought I seizured after my second "booster" shot--the happy nomen in those days for a follow-up of the DPT vaccination. Today in the event of an adverse reaction to a shot, children are advised not to receive any more--as if that is followed through...

I was tested as a young student in the late 1950's and I was put in a "special class" for gifted children. The tests belied my inability to "pay attention," which back then was punished for lack of discipline, but which today is considered Attention Deficit Disorder--and only so designated due to the HUGE numbers of children handicapped by this problem. Are we all just bad students, unable to attend? Or have our bodies been so thoroughly assaulted by vaccines invented by drug company conglomerates with nothing to gain but money and more money that we cannot recover to our original potential?

The "new" medicine is to give infants a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis B virus. This disease comes from contact within an environment that an infant will NEVER encounter! But the last laugh is on one of the big-pharma biggest assholes in the business today--Merck--they told us Vioxx was a good thing while they knew (internal memos exist in court as proof) that it had the potential to kill without a decent "risk-reward" ratio. Now Merck is recalling the HIB vaccine because it is contaminated. Really?

Polio vaccines are created in the dead infected tissue of a monkey kidney in a third-world country you wouldn't want to vacation in. Now the doctor wants to stick this shit in your child's vein. Don't toss your 60 year old photos in my face of kids in "iron lung" machines when you don't have your facts straight--just because we were told they had polio, doesn't mean these poor children weren't afflicted with meningitis, and other respiratory and paralytic viruses, but we were told they had polio because it made the Salk vaccine all the more phenomenal in the media. Notice Salk and Sabin (live virus) never got along. Seemed like a "slam dunk" back then didn't it?

Protect yourselves, and your children, from the onslaught of patent drugs. The drug companies have nothing to gain but money--and a LOT of that for sure!!