Monday, June 06, 2005

To be Human Again

Pope Benedict XVI condemned same-sex unions as anarchic "pseudo-matrimony" Monday and reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to abortion.-AP June 6, 2005

This announcement is no surprise, and the harping on same-sex unions which is no one's business, but probably makes gays and lesbians quite self-conscious, and the Catholic Church's heads make it their business as well.
He said matrimony was not just a "casual sociological construction" that changed in certain times in history but rather an institution that had its roots "in the most profound essence of the human being."
Catholic Church dogma insists that the natural essence of humanity includes the responsibility to procreate, which implies the need for marriage between a man and a woman. If the heads of the Catholic Church, who made up this dogma and have been following it for two millennia, are so smart and consistent, why are they celibate? The Gospels do not demand that, nor was Jesus a proponent of a-sexuality, according to the New Testament. Don’t tell me that’s "in the most profound essence of the human being." I’m convinced it’s more natural to be sexual, with a member of any adult human gender, than not at all.

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