Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Billions for Gardasil Vaccine

"The New Jersey-based drug company could generate billions in sales if Gardasil — at $360 for the three-shot regimen — were made mandatory across the country. Most insurance companies now cover the vaccine, which has been shown to have no serious side effects."

So says the latest news about Merck, the no-remorse no-nonsense big pharma steam roller drug company whose bottom line is the answer--not your health.

Do you want to know how much Merck is willing to spend to make this vaccine government-mandated, to line the Merck purses regardless of the untold havoc this drug may wreak on the blood and immune systems of young girls entering puberty? Too bad--you don't get that answer!

"Merck spokeswoman Janet Skidmore would not say how much the company is spending on lobbyists or how much it has donated to Women in Government. Crosby also declined to specify how much the drug company gave."

In case you think vaccines are safe, guess again--they are a big money fund for the pharmaceutical giants who have the clout to pay off our conressional reps and the FDA in order to get these toxic monsters to market.

Read the Vaccine Risks Report for more information about this amazing assault on our health care.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vaccines aren't a Miracle

"Vaccines are a miracle," said Bill Gates last week as announcements were made in Davos, Switzerland of the increased funding for new inoculations to save the world. according to the lead headline story in today's Los Angeles Times, we're going to be inundated in miracles soon:

"The current immunization boom could rival or even surpass the Golden Age of vaccine development between the late 1940s and early 1960s, experts say, when scientists such as Jonas Salk discovered inoculations for polio, flu, mumps and measles. But relatively few vaccines were found in the decades that followed, partly due to lack of profitability for drug companies and reduced vaccine research funding."

It's always amusing to read of some reporter's editorial yarn that somehow vaccines haven't been profitable for some time. This would contradict a now famous cover story in the 1996 Money Magazine issue titled, simply, "The Lethal Dangers of the Billion-Dollar Vaccine Business," which has been noted in this blog.

Also suspicious is the L. A. Times article's claim that things are looking up so much in the vaccine business, that Pfizer wants back in after shuttering its plants in the 1970's. "Drug giant Pfizer Inc., which shuttered its human vaccine unit in 1976, reopened it in the fall by acquiring a small British vaccine company. Even with planned layoffs announced last week, Pfizer says it intends to increase funding in its vaccine business." No doubt the loss of precious patent protection on some multi-billion dollar pills including the me-too biggest-selling anti-cholesterol statin, Lipitor, would put chills on the neck hairs of any $100-million CEO about to risk loss of one or more yachts.

In fact, as Eisenhower once said about the prospects for the nation, for vaccine manufacturers "Things are more like they are now than they ever were before."

All of this discussion about money--after all the conglomeration of honchos in Davos is about the world economy, not health--leaves out the controversy, growing day by day, over the safety of injecting known toxins into peoples' blood streams in an effort to boost the immune system and stave off all sorts of human illnesses, from the awful polio to the innocuous German Measles, assuming you're not pregnant of course.

The disastrous effects of vaccines on the children receiving them is apparent in the statistics, regardless of whether the establishment, i.e. the pharmaceutical conglomerate and big government, want to admit or accept this obvious connection.

The publishing this week of the The Vaccine Risks Report Ebook may be an omen of sorts in confluence with the headlines and Gates and Davos of increased interest by big pharma to plow into new vaccine research. It would really be great if these shots worked like we're brainwashed to think that they do. But the geometric increase in childhood autoimmune diseases--asthma, dyslexia, autism, type II diabetes--which corresponds to the increase in vaccine dosages mandated by the US government, proves that the so-called risk-reward factor is all sorrow, and misery, and loss, when your child is no longer happy and reacting with you normally. I know Gates means well, but he should stick to his expertise, software computer codes, and get off the vaccination bandwagon.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vaccine Risks Report

The Vaccine Risks Report Ebook is available for $11.95. Everything written in this blog in the past about the dangers of vaccines, the duplicitous government-mandated vaccine program, and more information about big pharma and the money pit, is now discussed in a thorough, up-to-date report.

Supplemental web site and book references will save anyone hours of time and money with the answers spelled out right in one place. Know your choices and options, understand the waivers available for your children who do NOT have to be vaccinated against your will.

No parent should be without the information in The Vaccine Risks Report.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Former President Ford is dead. How do I know? Just turn on a TV at any time today and there’s some portion of his funeral droning on and on. I realize the death of a US President is a rare and major event to which society should give some homage, based on the gravity of the office. And I understand how eulogies can overlook a lot of the bad and magnify the good in a person’s life.

Marc Antony said, "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones." Not so with the former pres--based on what I have heard and read since Ford's death—this funeral thing has been dragging on for days now—Ford was a saint beyond recall and was as close to a perfect human being as any one could be without actually being Jesus Christ. Even Alec Baldwin said on the Huffington Post about Ford’s most controversial big act: “And when he pardoned Nixon, well....what did you expect him to do?”

One of the comments to that remark took the words right out of my mouth:

Ford was an American in the worst possible way. By pardoning Nixon, Ford as a lawyer circumvented our legal system and prevented justice from being served. When our politicians saw that the rule of law did not apply to them, their lawlessness was the result at the detriment to our republic. Ford's pardon led to the boldness of Iran-Contra which was not prosecuted and the current Bush administration lies and preemptive-Iraq-war going unchecked and unbalanced.

I met Congressman Ford in his office in the capitol in 1970. It was only 7 years since the assassination of JFK, and even closer to the publishing of the Warren Commission report that Ford was a part of. I asked the congressman how he felt about those volumes of white-wash (I didn’t refer to it as white wash, but he knew what I was driving at) lining his book shelves that basically said fughettabout the hundreds of witnesses and evidence to the contrary, Oswald acted alone. His politician’s politician answer was, of course what it always was, that he was very proud of the work of the Warren Commission and stood by its conclusion 100%.

How many of the old guard was protected by that cover-up, which still pales in the blinding light of Nixon’s pardon, which, like the hurried dispatch of Saddam Hussein, buries a lot of incriminating details before they ever see the light of day? Looks like the present group in charge hasn’t lost sight of the lessons taught by the so-called “accidental president,” Ford. Oh, that’s right—he hired Cheney and Rumsfeld for high level positions near the president in the first place.

I could go on, but unlike Ford’s TV funeral goings on, I’m done.