Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ooops—Oh CRAP I did NOT Mean to DO THAT!

AP reports today that Merck considered changing Vioxx in 2000 in order to dilute its cardiovascular effects even while playing down its possible increased cause of heart attacks.

But behind the scenes, company scientists were considering combining Vioxx with another agent to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, according to a document that was mistakenly provided by Merck to plaintiff lawyers as part of the evidence-gathering process in one of the hundreds of Vioxx lawsuits around
the country.[emphasis added]--AP: Merck Tried to Alter Vioxx in 2000 By THERESA AGOVINO, AP Business Writer
The cover-up of the potential of a widely-used and money-making drug to cause death is astounding enough in all its immoral and unethical implications. The addition of incompetence by attorneys in handing over the incriminating “goods” that a cover-up took place—makes me want to go back to natural foods and spring water.

I had to give up grapefruit juice because it interfered with the statin drug I take to lower my cholesterol, and despite a kick-up in my sciatica, I can’t take ibuprofen for the same reason as the grapefruit juice—plus, Motrin also increases my risk of heart-attack. I got a headache reading about the Merck nonsense because their big business is vaccine manufacturing, and vaccines cause autism and all sorts of brain disorders.

According to the Smirnoff Company of Stamford, CT, their vodka is “Triple Distilled.” It’s also “Ten Times Filtered in a Unique Process for Ultimate Clarity.” I’m assuming that’s the clarity of the hooch, not necessarily of the imbiber. That’s good enough for me—couldn’t fuss up my heart too much to swallow 2 ounces, and it doesn't inhibit the lovastatin working on my cholesterol. Then I'll Watch the DVD of Grease with my daughter. You remember Grease, the show about the good old 1950’s when we didn’t know all the stuff we ate, drank, and did back then was really bad for us.

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