Sunday, April 17, 2005

Vaccine Shortage? Bring It On!

“Memories are still fresh of 2001 and 2002, when the country did not have adequate supplies of five vaccines that together protect against eight diseases. That shortage did not lead to an increase in death or disease, but it did require physicians and clinics to ration and temporarily change the routine schedule of shots.”
This quote is from today’s Washington Post article titled, “Pediatric Vaccine Stockpile at Risk,” by David Brown. Take notice: no “increase in death or disease.” The scare this year from the flu vaccine shortage was also misplaced:

“After all the panic last fall over the vaccine shortage, the flu season is turning out to be milder than last year's severe bout…” [Associated Press: “CDC: Flu Season Less Severe Than Last Year,”]

There are also examples of people getting sick who got their shots. In Laguna Niguel, California, in 1992, there was a surge in reported cases of pertussis -- whooping cough, and the majority was in those children who had been vaccinated with the DPT shot.

The conclusion is, vaccines don’t work. If anything, they cause harm, which has been written about in this blog. To anyone still willing to be brainwashed by arcane remnants of science from the 1950’s, a time in which Senator McCarthy was calling fictitious people communists, when hula hoops were popular, and steak and potatoes for dinner was healthy—to those people who still want to believe that disrupting an infant’s immature immune system with injections of poisonous toxins – vaccines -- in order to bolster that undeveloped immunity—I am not going to appeal to them. To those who question the enormous vaccine program in the US—here’s the main reason to have doubts: MONEY.

It’s all about money and the bottom line, and not about our children’s’ well-being. Vaccine manufacturers, huge pharmaceutical conglomerates, have a product that the government wants every single child in America to get. Even General Motors doesn’t have that kind of sponsorship! But these companies—Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Chiron and others—have directors and investors who require a growing profit, and anything that prevents that growth has to be dealt with.

When you and I earn a dollar, it adds into our income total, and is taxable. When large corporations receive dollars, how it adds into their bottom lines is a game of bookkeeping that keeps our friends who are CPA’s in business. Sometimes a company can indicate revenue when they haven’t received the actual dollars yet, and sometimes they can avoid showing revenue as taxable even though they have received the money. Some companies even play games with the bookkeeping that may not be entirely ethical, or even legal.

According to Brown’s article on the pediatric vaccine stockpile shortage,

“No one has accused the vaccine manufacturers of wrongdoing.”

Wrongdoing about what? This “vaccine stockpile” is used by the government to forestall shortages in the vaccine supply at any given time in case of unforeseen calamities, such as huge amounts of bad batches or factory breakdown etc. The method of paying for, and allocating the income from, the sale of doses into the stockpile has become unprofitable, and in some cases, unwieldy to manage, for vaccine manufacturers. Therefore, these companies have stopped selling vaccine to the stockpile, producing a shortage, which is being reported as a problem by the media.

In fact, the only problem I see is the deceitful and unethical behavior of the vaccine manufacturers, which, if taken a step further, may incline us to believe they’re not on the up and up about the viability of the actual product they sell. I take medicine when I need it, and antibiotics if necessary. But it’s clearly time to re-evaluate what we are injecting into the little bodies of our developing children before the untold damage to generations to come is irreversible. And stop swallowing big corporate and big government bullshit hook line and sinker when it’s clear they’re not looking after our best interest.

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