Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Draw Their Fire—We’ll Cover Ya!!

Delay is under so much fire for ethics and possible legal violations, he must have been promised backing by the White House if he took the lead in going after judges for unfavorable rulings against the party line. Otherwise, why would he be taking center stage and attacking the Supreme Court, of all institutions, and a Reagan appointee, Justice Kennedy, in particular, unless he was assured powerful defending?

I’m not privy to the inside of higher DC goings-on, but all this ranting on the part of Congressman Delay, a polarizing figure without that big of a base, just looks like an obvious play for position. If he and the powers-that-be have misread the playing field, maybe all his noise will bring attention to the real problem, which is not “activist judges,” but meddling irresponsible members of congress.

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