Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Could Stewart Spin O'Reilly?

Jesse Kornbluth (Swami Uptown) has some nice quotes from Bill O'Reilly about Pope John Paul II when Bush was getting ready to invade Iraq. Evidently His Holiness wasn't on Bill's "nice" list at that time. Makes me wonder if O'Reilly were to appear on the Jon Stewart Daily Show, would he finally enter the no spin zone? There's more real "Fair and Balanced" reporting at the Comedy Central emmy-winning Daily Show than there ever is on The O'Reilly Factor. It seems like O'Reilly is entertainment with some facts, while Stewart is news with a lot of comedy. I stopped watching O'Reilly, and even the air around me is cleaner. That The O'Reilly Factor is the number one rated cable news show means the rest of us have to work to maintain the balance.


  1. Stewart and O'Reilly have both appeared on each others shows. You can probally find both interviews with a google search.

  2. I fluked out and came across this right before i read your page:A Transcript on Jon on O'reilly

  3. Thanks for the input! I knew this but I'd like to see a fresh version especially since the business came out about O'Reilly and his former assistant. Why are hypocrites so pompous?


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