Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And God Said, “Let there be TIVO…”

President George W wants to hold a press conference tomorrow night during prime time. Thank God for TIVO, unless we get stuck watching one of my wife’s favorite decorator shows…then I’ll have to retreat to my son’s media room enclave to watch HIS TIVO of whatever he’s been recording lately, which usually is either bloody or American Pie. Or I could go to my daughter’s bedroom and check out the DVD A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS which I was under strict orders to get yesterday and forgot, so I was almost in big trouble, but I remembered today, and which I already took her to see at the theater--one viewing was enough for me.

Or I could read my latest favorite picture book, “National Geographics Mysteries of History.” I'm at the part where it says there were no slaves in ancient Egypt. Tell that to my rabbi. Not now, the rabbi when I was a kid--rabbis don't come cheap these days...

Or I could write another entry to this blog, or figure out a way to promote it so someone would read it. I just really don't want to watch my president try to make sentences with that shoulder-shrugging hands-outstretched awkward pleading look like a sick old uncle used to do when he was babysitting me when I was a child. "Please do what I ask," he'd say, and I would think to myself "what a crazy old bastard."

I gotta go—the dog needs to be let out!

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