Monday, April 11, 2005

Delay and Clinton—Where are they now?

Several years ago: Congressman Tom Delay—wants Clinton convicted in his Presidential Impeachment trial. President Bill Clinton, impeached for lying under oath about having sex in his office.

Today: Congressman Tom Delay is a mess. Despite his being under fire for any number of breaches of ethics, if not the law, Congressman Tom, the majority leader of the House of Representatives, has called for a vote on the unbelievably unfriendly-to-us-citizens bankruptcy bill this Wednesday. It’s described in an email from Moveon.Org:

“…great majority of the families that declared bankruptcy last year did so because of a major life crisis—huge medical bills or layoffs—that threw them into a spiral of debt. Now, after a multi-year, multi-million dollar lobbying effort by credit card companies, Congress is poised Wednesday to approve a sweeping change in bankruptcy law that would make it impossible for folks who have been dealt a bad hand to get a clean start. The law actually gives credit card companies new ways to seize your home and car if you get into financial trouble. After accepting more than $620,000 from the lending industry to his various PACs, Republican Majority Leader Rep. Tom Delay has scheduled the vote for Wednesday.”

My point in bringing this to your attention is—Tom Delay was a major proponent and outspoken spokesman in the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. So what are these two guys up to these days?
Delay is in trouble within his own party for skirting ethics rules and possibly worse. Today’s headlines say Clinton is funding ten million dollars to help AIDS victims in poor countries.

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