Saturday, April 02, 2005

I’m Gonna Get you! Delay Tells Courts

Not about to let the flame of discontent and recrimination blow out, Congressman Tom Delay continues to exhort some sort of vague action against the judges who wouldn't go along with him in the Schiavo case. The criticism against his rhetoric grows hotter. Kennedy wants Delay to say he's not advocating the use of violence, thereby saying that violence was implicit in Delay's veiled threats against the courts.

The media report Delay's rants as if they deserve credence, even going so far as to claim in the Washington Post

"The Constitution gives Congress the power to set the areas of authority for federal courts, but it was unclear what could be done by the committee in response to the Schiavo case, in particular."

Everyone here needs to get a grip; Tom Delay trifles with reality and the wind he blows will soon pass. The democrat onslaught of justified criticism only serves to keep Delay on the rampage, instead of showing him up for what he is: a misdirected ambitious wannabe trying to appeal to the same right-wing minority he perceives put and kept George W and company in power, in order to avoid the wrath of troubles he's in right now.

Then again, the more Delay harangues, the more his devices and actions get exposed. In that case, OK then Tom, are you advocating violence against judges in your veiled threatening statements?

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