Thursday, March 17, 2005

Vaccines, Mercury and Autism

The latest study shows that mercury released from coal-fired power plants in Texas coincides with a 17% increase in childhood autism. Mercury is known to be a toxin to humans. Lately even certain fish have gotten the warning signal not to be eaten by pregnant women etc on signs in restaurants. Before we get to the issue of vaccines causing autism because of the high mercury levels, let's look at the mercury/autism issue alone.

Autism, along with many childhood developmental problems including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, pervasive developmental delay, and other problems such as asthma and diabetes, are autoimmune dysfunctions. In other words, something in the immune system which has gone wrong, is causing the brain to develop more slowly, or insufficiently, thereby causing symptoms manifesting in autism etc. Vaccines contain toxins which are theoretically supposed to cause the human immune system to "take and picture" of that toxin, or germ, and create antibodies against it so that if a real attack comes of that germ or toxin, the immune system will be fortified and "ready" to stave it off completely.

Sounds great in theory, doesn't it? This idea goes back 200 years to the development of a vaccine against small pox. This "theory" of the mechanism of vaccines is 200 years old! Does that make it great? Does that mean it works? I have a TV, as most of us do, that is from the era of pre-high-definition, or digital. It is a regular color TV, based on a system that was invented 70 years ago. It is obsolete. It is not very good or clear compared to the new high-definition sets. The vaccine theory is older, more archaic, and just as obsolete as the old color TV's are now.

Vaccines can have a temporary effect on immunity. Actual germs confer lifelong immunity in many cases. The problem with vaccines is the baggage that comes with them. The unnatural and detrimental effect of injecting toxins directly into the bloodstream is that it disrupts the immune system so drastically, that autoimmune disfunction can result, along with many other complications. The medical community would have us believe that "bad reactions" to vaccines can happen, but are rare and the risk is so low, vs the reward of immunity conferred by the vaccines, is worth it. The truth is, vaccine toxins effect detrimentally each and every one who is vaccinated, to a greater or lesser degree. The person who does not have an immediate bad reaction to a vaccine as a child may develop cancer earlier in life than would have happened without the vaccination. Many scenarios could be drawn from the idea that vaccines are bad for the human immune system.

Many books have been written through the years covering all this in more detail. The reason for this basic summary is to coincide with the study of mercury and coal plants today. It's clear that the toxins in vaccines cause autism, and if mercury causes autism as well, it's possible the mercury (thimerisol) - containing vaccines make it easier for the toxin to affect the individual because of the debilitating effect on the system of mercury.

Don't be deceived--the medical community, pediatricians, pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccines, and the responsible government agencies all know about the harmful effect of vaccines. Many of these groups and individuals constantly roll out the "party line" that vaccines have saved modern man from the scourge of polio, whooping cough, tetanus, just to name a few former childhood diseases. They have a lot to gain from this propaganda, most of it in the form of cash. They will have us all ignore modern methods of sanitation, food preservation, and the availability of antibiotics which have all lessened the incidence of diseases such a diphtheria and polio, the latter of which was often spinal meningitis misdiagnosed as polio. The thousandfold upswing in cases of childhood autism, asthma, and other auto-immune dysfunctional diseases is clearly related directly to the same upsurge in vaccine doses.

Today's report of the study of mercury causing autism from coal fired power plants is still a good beginning to having cases of vaccine injury brought before the courts to have this issue studied more intensely. This press release from the office of congressman Dan Burton is also effective in bringing more cases of vaccine injury and its causes into legal and public scrutiny:

MARCH 16, 2005
Washington, D.C. - Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN-5), formally introduced the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvement Act of 2005 (H.R.1349) in the U.S. House of Representatives last night. "The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was designed back in 1988 to be a non-adversarial alternative to civil litigation," stated congressman Burton. "Seventeen years later, the reality is that the system has become quite litigious and there are some serious problems with the program. I amre-introducing this important legislation to address the fairness and accessibility issues vaccine-injured families are facing." Continued Congressman Burton, "Specifically, my legislation seeks to amend the current VICP rules by extending the statute of limitations, increasing the base amount of funding available to those injured, and providing a critical two-year look back provision for families who previously missed the filing deadlines."The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvement Act of 2005(H.R. 1349) is tri-partisan legislation - currently with a dozenco-sponsors - that builds upon recommendations to improve the VICP as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines. The bill seeks to:· Extend the statute of limitations for seeking compensation to six years from the date of injury. Under current law, families must file within two years of a child's death or three years of a child's injury.· Provide a one-time, two-year period for families with post-1988 injuries to file a petition if they were previously excluded from doing so because they missed the statute of limitations.· Allow for the payment of interim attorney's fees and legal costs while a petition is being adjudicated. The costs of assembling the necessary medical records and obtaining expert witnesses are substantial.Under current law, these costs, as well as attorney's fees, are not reimbursed until a case is fully resolved, which oftentimes takes three to seven years. Some cases have taken ten years to resolve and for reimbursements to be made.· Increase compensation for future lost earnings for injured children. Under current law, compensation is based on the average weekly earnings of full and part-time workers as determined by the Bureau of Labor statistics. This bill would specify that only full-time workers should be used in the calculation.· Increase the level of compensation to a family after a vaccine-related death from $250,000 to $300,000. The death benefit has remained unchanged since the program's inception fifteen years ago.· Allow for families of vaccine-injured children to be compensated for the costs of family counseling.· Create and maintain a guardianship to administer the funds.During his tenure as Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform(1997-2002) and the Subcommittee on Human Rights & Wellness (2003-2004),Congressman Burton held no fewer than 20 hearings to examine the possible correlation between mercury-containing vaccines and the increasing incidents of autism. Despite the growing body of evidence suggesting such an association is real, many in our Federal health agencies continue to dispute this conclusion. Scientific evidence aside, the numbers simply do not lie.Although autism used to be a rare disease affecting only 1 out of every 10,000 individuals, it now afflicts 1.5 million Americans nationwide. Furthermore, autism is not a fatal disease. Therefore, the families of autistic individuals are facing high-priced medical care for years to come with little to no assistance. Concluded Congressman Burton, "By enacting these common-sense reforms, we can make sure the VICP operates as it was intended to, as a flexible,non-adversarial system that handles claims in an efficient and generous manner so as to avoid the need for civil litigation. I believe creating a stronger VICP is a win-win solution for everyone involved. The families of those afflicted with vaccine injuries will have a fair and user-friendly venue to seek some means of restitution, and pharmaceutical companies will no longer be under the shadow of the threat of costly and potentially industry-crippling class-action lawsuits. Embracing this solution would be good for the industry as well as society.""The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has helped thousands of Americans who have suffered injuries from vaccines, however, there are many families and individuals that continue to suffer unnecessarily," said Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr., the lead Democratic co-sponsor. "I am proud to support this legislation because it will improve the current system and ensure fair and timely recourse for the devastating events that can result from vaccinations."The Department of Health and Human Services, upon reviewing the recommendations of the CDC's Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines,submitted suggested legislation in 1999, which the Bush administration has since endorsed. H.R. 1349 incorporates most of these recommendations, as well as other recommendations that were put forth during the course of Congressman Burton's six year investigation.For more information regarding Congressman Burton's legislative and investigative efforts on Federal vaccine policy, please visit the designated health care page on his website at

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