Sunday, March 20, 2005

CDC Says Rubella Not a Health Threat

The CDC reports that rubella is no longer a health threat in the US. As I have mentioned before, those who need to be informed -- MD's, parents, the public -- already are aware of the issues of vaccine injury surrounding the rubella vaccine. So now the "front" agency for the money-fat pharmaceutical companies announces that rubella isn't a problem, which allows for the slow but sure backing-out of a specified rubella vaccine program. It's a lot easier to say the problem was solved by inoculation, and then remove that unsafe vaccine because of it's PR-induced success, than to admit that it was dangerous in the first place and should not to be given anymore.

The latest reports of fears of thimerosol, or mercury-based preservative, causing autism in vaccines have been a mere interruption and distraction from the real threat to human health--vaccines themselves. At least the issue is now widely known, so parents can investigate and make informed decisions for themselves without being brow-beaten by the medical community. The National Vaccine Information Center,, is a good place to start.

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