Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Scheer Cites Shear Con

Last week reports stated that the United States is authorizing the sale to Pakistan of F-16 fighter jets capable of delivering nuclear warheads. Besides obviously irritating India, a nuclear-powered US ally, many other ramifications of this proposed sale indicate a lack of understanding by the Bush administration of how serious is this “game” of spreading around nukes.

In case I was not going to have time to check into all this myself, as usual Robert Scheer has done the necessary homework, and even put it all together into a -- also as usual -- well-documented and cleverly-worded op-ed piece in today’s Los Angeles Times titled, "A Con Job by Pakistan's Pal, George Bush." If you’re not in the mood to get aggravated, pissed off, and gain a further sense of powerlessness over the short-sighted policies of our heads of government and big business, then don’t read Scheer’s column. If you want to learn new things about “Bush the Brazen,” then check on Mr. Scheer's piece (above). Indeed it is the emmes!

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