Monday, March 21, 2005

'Come down, President Bush'

The Schiavo case is getting ridiculous publicity, despite the importance to the immediate family members. 1500 American GI's have died to secure Iraq as a puppet country for the Bush people. Americans are struggling under the increase of commodities due to the huge increase in gasoline, while the oil companies reap enormous windfall profits. Congress and our President Bush stand by and ignore these issues, but they lose sleep and convene over a woman's right to live or die in Florida, to make a political point, which affects none of us citizens.
In order not to give more dignity to this press sensation I was not going to mention the Schiavo problem in this blog. But then, the husband of the woman who is the center of the entire issue, Michael Schiavo, has a point of view, and gave an emotional and articulate statement today that confirms what we stated here.
Enough said now. Republican congress and Mr. Bush: Get Real!

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