Friday, March 18, 2005

Huffington on Bush and Policies

Arianna Huffington's op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times is a perfect example of Essential Emmes. While the press pundits, and therefore the American Public sheep followers, are seeing the recent events in the Mideast as ratification of Bush and company's (for lack of a more nebulous phrase) "foreign policy," Arianna clearly explains that these events might have happened without any push from the outside. The key to the truth behind her column lies in the clever and cogent references to logic and recent current events. How urgently problematical the Bush back-slapping is only time will tell. I am troubled by the quote of Bill Maher, an important and intelligent gadfly, which shows he thinks there is substance to the applause for Bush's policies. I am not a Bush hater, nor a constant and consistent nay-sayer out of hand. In fact, he seems like a fine fellow whom I would like to like. It's just that the world isn't all black and white, and Huffington's in-depth analysis points right to the areas of grey that are clearer than the seemingly evil/good scenario our powers-that-be would like us to swallow.

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