Friday, March 25, 2005

"No News is Never Good News"

A great column is written daily by Jesse Kornbluth, book, magazine and internet author/editor. The site he writes on is, and the commentaries, under the name/guise of "Swami Uptown," are brilliant, ironic, clever, and delve into the sublevel of what the press is not covering.

Today's entry by Kornbluth starts with the following warning, a quote from his column, that my title refers to. With Schiavo, Blake, Jackson, Bonds, and the Pope taking up the headlines, we're hearing nothing about Iraq, where we have 150,000 troops and several hundred billion dollars invested. Kornbluth simply states

"So much to say. Starting with: Have you noticed there's no news coming out of Iraq now? None. No news is never good news, not with this government."
[my bold italics]

Mr. Kornbluth's entire entry is worth reading.

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