Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Republican Attrition--They Start Dropping Like Flies

Delay is out. He's not going to run for re election. Most of these tough politicians hang in there when the going gets rough. Nixon didn't quit until the tape recording of his own voice was played proving he tried to cover up a crime with hush money. Johnson decided not to run when the Vietnam War got overwhelming and he couldn't face another day in hell. Clinton's debacle is a case all by itself.

Delay said things were going to get "nasty." Can you imagine what he means by that?

Here's what was in this blog about his troubles:

"Tom Delay trifles with reality and the wind he blows will soon pass. The democrat onslaught of justified criticism only serves to keep Delay on the rampage, instead of showing him up for what he is: a misdirected ambitious wannabe trying to appeal to the same right-wing minority he perceives put and kept George W and company in power, in order to avoid the wrath of troubles he's in right now."

The date on that entry was April 2, 2005, one year ago. It took a year between the start of the Senate Watergate hearings and the House Judiciary Committee reporting impeachment articles on Nixon for him to resign--the same amount of time as it took for revelations of lobbyist impropriety to get Delay to quit. Considering how long it takes for congress to act, a year is starting to look like about the right amount of time for this sort of exposure of illegal activity, and subsequent consequences, to play out.

We've known about Bush's lies and incompetence for longer than a year--what's taking so long this time?

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