Friday, April 14, 2006

Vaccines Don't Work

How do I know vaccines don't work? Every time there is a story about the spread of some thought-to-be vaccine-protected disease among the vaccinated population, the media quote the medical yahoos' statistics that are supposed to prove otherwise:

Mumps outbreak now in 8 states:
Federal health officials said Friday they are looking into whether air travel is spreading mumps through the Midwest.
In addition to Iowa, which has seen an epidemic of more than 600 suspected cases since December, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman, other states reporting cases are Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The agency has not yet released the name of the eighth Midwestern state...

...The mumps outbreak is the nation's largest in 20 years...

...The best protection against mumps, [CDC Spokesman] Allen said, is to be vaccinated. One dose is about 80 percent effective, and two, which is what most U.S. children get, work about 95 percent of the time, Allen said.

The introduction of the vaccine in 1967 has helped reduce mumps cases in the United States by 99 percent, he said. --CNN 4/14/06

Of the 600 cases reported so far, some or, more probably all, had to have been vaccinated--so does that mean at 95% rate of effectiveness, 600 cases represents a possible 12,000 cases that would have been reported had there not been a vaccine?

More likely, the vaccine either didn't work, or was given so long ago to the individuals that it wore off (which does not happen with naturally-occurring immunity--that confers lifelong protection).

What the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine does help to initiate in the immune system, is a breakdown of its effectiveness as part of the interaction of development from the gut absorption of nutrients, to the brain cells themselves:

Vaccines can cause conditions that eat away at the intestinal lining,create leaky gut syndrome, and behavioral and physical problems due to nerve cell damage. Vaccines can cause central nervous system demyelination transverse myelitis.

These conditions are when the nerve cells deteriorate and dissolve away. Other reactions from this condition are arthritis, autism and colitis. The MMR vaccine sticks to the gastrointestinal tract and causes chronic measles infection in the gut. This causes the intestinal wall to become inflamed and then expand to make holes where harmful substances can leak out into the bloodstream. These morphine like substances cause abnormal behaviors, especially seen in autism. --The Truth About Vaccines

Several years back the National Geographic did a report on Americans traveling for the first time to formerly Communist countries behind the "Iron Curtain." The article said that some Americans contracted diphtheria, and blamed this on the poor sanitary conditions and lack of vaccines in these areas. The piece went on to explain that as the sanitation improved, the cases of diphtheria diminished.

What kind of backwards logic was this? Similar to the explanation of the mumps cases now, the article failed to see a connection with sanitation and disease, and instead blamed the diphtheria cases on lack of vaccination--well, the Americans who went to those countries were most likely vaccinated with the DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) shot at some time in their lives before they journeyed to Eastern Europe. The fact is, the anti-toxin constituent of the DPT shot that supposedly protects against diphtheria only works for about two weeks, and even then is not an immune-system booster as are most vaccines, but an anti-toxin agent.

Media treatment and irrational statistical ties can't change reality even when written in black and white--the truth is, vaccines are dangerous and don't work like your revered family doctor would have you believe.

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