Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lessons in Political Reality

"I wannabe President." "Me too!" "No me first!"

“Daddy, my Mexican friend is worried his family is going to have to split up. Is this going to happen to our family too?”


Our family will not have to be split up because we are all American citizens. Congress is trying to pass a new law to help families like your friend’s. Your Mexican friend was born in this country, so he is an American citizen. But under the new law, your friend’s father came here less than two years, so he will have to leave our country and return to Mexico, since he did not get the proper documents for entry into this country.

Your friend’s mother, who has been here for 5 years and also did not have the proper documents, will have to go back to Mexico, but only for a short time, then she can return with a temporary work permit. Your friend’s uncle, who has been here the longest, can just stay here with your friend.

“Wait daddy—my friend won’t want to stay here without his mommy and daddy. And when can his daddy come back with his mommy?”


Your friend’s daddy will have to wait his turn to get back into our country just like anyone else trying to move to the US.

“But daddy, my friend says that’s almost impossible with all the people who want to come here to live. Don’t we like any of these people?”


Well, some people in our country don’t like people from other countries.

“Why can’t they come here? Are they not as good as us?”


Yes, all people are equal, but some Americans think foreigners aren’t entitled to the same consideration to be in the US as we are.

“That seems unfair, and my friend is really scared. Why would congress do such a scary thing? And why did they come up with such a silly system?”


They’re scared too—of losing their jobs because so many people who voted for them don’t like foreigners.

“Then why doesn’t congress just pass a law to keep them all out?”


That would be too unfair and also, there aren’t enough policemen to make sure that could happen.

“Daddy—I don’t want to grow up to be a senator or congressman—they’re all a bunch of silly fraidy-cats.”

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