Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gulf War Syndrome Cont.

The biggest mumps outbreak in twenty years in the Midwest is prompting the government to ship in mumps vaccine to help pump up the immune systems of those who likely were ALREADY VACCINATED for mumps:

The CDC has pledged to provide 25,000 doses of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to the state from the agency's stockpile. And Merck & Co., the vaccine maker, is giving another 25,000 doses to the CDC for distribution to other states…--CNN Mumps outbreak worst in 20 years, 4/20/06

It is refreshing to have the sublime coincidence of the Scotsman’s interview with Ken McClure, author of The Gulf Conspiracy, a thriller which centers on the theory that vaccinations were responsible for Gulf War Syndrome, as mentioned here April 11.
Here are some key points:

SOME 250,000 of the returning allied forces from the first Gulf War in 1991 (15 per cent) went down with illness that they insist was related to their service in that war. Of these, 10,000 are already dead…

The French forces who served in the Gulf were not vaccinated. Their commander in chief did not think the vaccines were safe. The question is did 15 per cent of the French troops come down with Gulf War Syndrome on their return like the other allied forces? The answer is, no, they did not…

… the Government still maintains that there is no such thing as Gulf War Syndrome and is determined to adhere to this view until anyone can demonstrate the scientific detail. Shame on them. Science cannot demonstrate the exact link between smoking and lung cancer but only a fool would maintain that there wasn't one.

Bravo, Mr. McClure!

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