Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Yorker Editor "Agrees" with Essential Emmes

Not only do I like when my ideas are met with agreement, but what’s more flattering is when the agreement comes from an intelligent and accomplished mind, not knowingly or on purpose, of course, but still satisfying, nonetheless.

The use of similar verbiage further emphasizes how obvious is the fearful mentality of the Bush camp:

David Remnick, in Comment (p. 37), reports on President Bush's "Hell Week,"…

Remnick writes, "Bush had been unmasked in all his insularity, arrogance, and executive incompetence.... But the lessons that Bush is likely to derive from the complex of recent disasters will not automatically lead to a more considered, modest, and moderate Presidency."…

"in his anger, and after all his many failures, the President, quite suddenly, seems unpopular, alone, and adrift."[emphasis added]—Huffington Post 10/30/05

I wrote here, Thursday, October 27,

…what kind of mistake was [the nomination of Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice]? One of stupidity, haste, studied miscalculation? Or in the more sinister vein of the mindset of Bush, Rove and company, was it the arrogance and willful isolation of a dynasty in charge without regard to consequence? If Bush could get an inside crony like Miers onto the Supreme Court, what heights could he not scale?—[emphasis added]

My major concern remains—that Bush, in his anger and solitude, will lead this nation in an inappropriate and possibly dangerous direction. Two days after the indictment of a powerful and influential member of the White House machine, neither the CEO (Bush), nor the executive in charge (Cheney) have made a statement to the shareholders (we the people) about the accusations of immense wrongdoing and all of its ramifications at that level of government. In the awkward analogy of the Bush administration as a business, this silence on the part of the leadership should not be tolerated by the rank and file.

Evidently arrogance and insularity are in place to mark the pace of the continuation of this presidency until impeachment hearings are held.

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