Monday, October 24, 2005

Kerry Won the 2004 Presidential Election

My wife, who is psychic, never veered from her statement that Kerry won the 2004 presidential election, before or after the ballots were cast. As reported in this blog several times, Congressman John Conyers, reporter Kieth Olberman, and author Christopher Hitchens among others, have questioned the results of the voter count.

Now there is a book, well-researched--Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them). Mark Crispin Miller. Basic Books. $24.95. 284 pp.—which is reviewed by Timothy Dodson of the Florida Sun-Sentinel. It is clear-cut that Kerry did win the election, that the election was stolen by the now obvious criminal team of Bush-Cheney and company, and hopefully this coup pulled on the American people will soon be rectified.

From the book review:

Among other things, he recommends doing away with electronic voting, which he says "can never be entirely secure," and using standard paper ballots instead. He also would federalize the electoral system so as to replace "local bigots or politicos" with trained civil servants at the polls…

…reports of touch-screen voting machines flipping votes from Kerry to Bush but never the other way around, are hard to ignore, as are reports that the many anomalies that occurred in Ohio all favored Bush, defying the law of averages if not common sense.

…Post-election analysis found that Bush's "base" voted for him in about the same numbers as in 2000. But Democrats had been far more successful in registering new voters, particularly in Florida and Ohio. Both the polls and the registration numbers suggested a larger turnout for Kerry than for Bush, yet Bush won. It doesn't add up.

…if even half of what this book alleges is true, then a serious offense has been committed against our system of government and the American way of life.—Sun-Sentinel 9/23/05

In case you’re counting, that’s two presidential elections stolen out of two.—DG

(Thanks to Carolyn Kaye --—for bringing this story to our attention)

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