Thursday, October 20, 2005

Monica : Whitewater = White House Obstruction : Plame

Wait a minute—if obstruction of justice i.e. Rove and Libby lying to a grand jury about who, what, where, spilled the goods on Valerie Plame as a CIA agent is PERIPHERAL to what prosecutor Fitzgerald was hired to do, then what was Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky when prosecutor Ken Star was hired to get to the bottom of a real estate operation in Arkansas called Whitewater?

The possible violations under consideration by Mr. Fitzgerald are peripheral to the issue he was appointed in December 2003 to investigate: whether anyone in the administration broke a federal law that makes it a crime, under certain circumstances, to reveal the identity of a covert intelligence officer.—New York Times 10/21/05

You mean like the peripheral investigation of Clinton's sex in the oval office to the Whitewater issue?

I got this latest from watching, by accident, TV hack Tucker Carlson on MSNBC, and he says he doesn’t believe any of it. The spin is in and the newsprint isn’t dry yet.

What no one really knows, and even Tucker would like to claim he does—is what prosecutor Fitzgerald plans to do. What is clear here is that the secretive machinations of a despotic regime are about to be put on trial. Based on my intuition of Fitzgerald as a competent and passionate patriot, of that, I am sure.

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