Sunday, October 02, 2005

Impeachment Delight

Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night. When everything's a little clearer in the light of day.--"Afternoon Delight" The Starland Vocal Band

Here on the Left Coast the events of the world seem to occur in a tape delay. We know when it's 7 AM here and we're watching the outdoor street shots of the Today Show in Manhattan, and it's just dawn in those shots, but it's really 10 AM there, we are not watching the absolute up to the second breaking news. When Imus has his second bagel at 5:30 in the morning, and we're just trying to regain consciousness, it's really 8:30 in his New York MSNBC studio and business is well under way for the East Coast Blue State.

That's why I'm hoping to be there when the breaking news of the moment happens at the announcement that the House Judiciary Committee has started impeachment hearings for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Despite the semi-derisive comments I have received from family, friends, and online over the past few months when I have made this prognostication, I am of the firm belief the day of judgment and truth draws nearer.

The Huf (Huffington Post) gives me further reason to anticipate my vindication, in several stories they reference this morning (or this afternoon if you live East of me):

Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Near the end of a round table discussion on ABC's This Week, George Stephanopoulos dropped this bomb:

"Definitely a political problem but I wonder, George Will, do you think it's a manageable one for the White House especially if we don't know whether Fitzgerald is going to write a report or have indictments but if he is able to show as a source close to this told me this week, that President Bush and Vice President Cheney were actually involved in some of these discussions."

Another post has Norman Lear ruminating over his reaction of joy that Tom Delay was indicted for conspiracy last week:

The Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount would not have me gloating over what was certain to be another person's problem.-- What Would Jesus Do...with Tom Delay? Norman Lear, Huffington Post

As I indicated in an admittedly mean-spirited reaction (which was summarily censured and not printed) to Lear's doubt about his Schadenfreude, I don't see the problem. Rather than a glee in the downfall of Bush and Cheney, I would be delighted that justice would be served, and that the emerging truth could help ward off future subversion of the constitutional oath by greedy power-hungry pretenders to public service.

That's why I don't want to miss that breaking news.

On the other hand, as Arianna Huffington points out, after the release of New York Times reporter Judith Miller from jail, where she was for contempt of court in not revealing the source of her information on Plamegate to the grand jury, the mainstream media may be missing the point altogether:

Today, Sunday, there is not a single mention of Judy Miller in the entire New York Times (except a correction about a July 2003 Miller article on WMD in Iraq). Has the New York Times ceased journalistic operations?-- [emphasis added] Sunday's New York Times: Orwell's Memory Hole, Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post 10-02-05

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