Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Swami Magic News

Washington’s Reagan National Airport has been closed to general aviation since the Sept. 11 attacks. In the 3½ years since then, hundreds of small planes have flown within the restricted airspace around the capital — a 15¾-mile radius around the Washington Monument. MSNBC-5/11/05

So what’s so special about today’s Cessna and the big evac and the major news humdrum? Jesse Kornbluth, on his entertaining and insightful blog, Swami Uptown, nailed it. Comparing Bush and Cheney to Siegfried and Roy, he explains how the misdirection and distraction works:

When these things happen, we need to say: What isn't being covered because of this non-story? Is it Iraq? Tom Ridge? The "Downing Street memo" that shows how Bush decided to go to war in 2002 without a good reason? The National ID cards you probably haven't heard about?

As Jon Stewart says, “That’s all I have.” Read Swami for the emmes.

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