Thursday, May 26, 2005

Daddy, if Kerry Won, Why is Bush President?

The 2004 presidential election was stolen by the Bush professional scam team. No, not the one in 2000 where the bought-and-paid for friendly members of the Supreme Court got their guy into office. That one was done right before our eyes. I’m referring to the very last, most recent, run for the White House when the media dropped the ball on covering the obvious voting problems in Ohio, the state whose electoral votes decided the winner. One could argue this was done right before our eyes, too, but for some reason the fourth estate said “the hell with it.”

I have already quoted Christopher Hitchens’s fine summary of how the votes were lost or changed in Ohio. Keith Olberman tried to keep the story alive in his blog for MSNBC and on his show “Countdown,” but to no avail.

Today, in his blog entry for Arianna Huffington’s “The Huffington Post” Jim Lampley opens the issue all over again and makes a very hard case for major election fraud. Lampley has been a professional broadcaster in sports and news for 30 years. He has turned to political blogging recently, and his well-read research serves to enlighten us all.

I'll remind you again that the truth of Watergate was still well-submerged at this point in 1973. But the New York Times and the Washington Post ultimately did their jobs back then. The Post showed its colors yesterday, moving a story about the vast disparity between pre-Iraq war military assessments and what the Bush Administration chose to tell the public from its original placing on page one to a main edition spot on page twenty-six. I don't think we can count on Katherine Graham to shepherd the truth anymore, and Ben Bradlee's gone. As for the Times, it is of course the constant target of the right-wing media conspiracy which labors so hard to cover the crimes of this Administration up.
I am wondering why, with polls showing a majority of Americans against the Iraq occupation and believing the incursion was not worth it, and Bush’s approval rating at an all time low for second-term presidents—why is the issue of a fraudulent election so hard to get going as a major press story? Watergate sold newspapers, wouldn’t a major expose on Ohio voting irregularities create a snowball effect of interest? Congressman John Conyers is doing an investigation right now into the matter--why doesn’t this get more coverage?

Or do the powers-that-be who arranged for the stolen election also have enough clout to bury the depiction of how they did it? Are we the people too afraid to face the truth that 1,600 of our brave soldiers may have died in vain in a phony war? It’s time to face facts, bring the troops home, and start impeachment hearings into Bush’s and Cheney’s high crimes and misdemeanors. That will honor the war dead more than anything else.

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