Monday, May 16, 2005

Jesse Kornbluth States the Truth

Jesse Kornbluth has decided he will not continue writing daily for his blog, at Instead he will post once per week. I for one will miss reading his entertaining and choice culls of what’s important and interesting in our world every day. However, one section of his farewell last Friday is ringing with me constantly as a higher truth, ideas and writing to which we all aspire:

The War is thus the primary spiritual event of our time. Rooted in fraud, destined to fail, it is a death factory for Iraqis and Americans alike. Everyone who calls himself or herself a spiritual leader ought to be screaming about the real cost of this war--the price our souls pay for the lies told in our name, the deaths of women and children we don't bother to count, the wounds we are inflicting on our planet. And the press should be asking what's next--something in Syria? The bombing of Iran? And you, out there in America, should be marching
in the street, calling--in the name of Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna--for the killing to stop and our kids to come home.
Goodbye for now, Swami—I look forward to this week’s entry!

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