Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dickey Sets Us Straight

As I write this at 2 PM The lead news headlines are “Culkin Denies being Molested During Jackson Testimony,” and "White House and Capitol evacuated briefly after plane enters restricted airspace," and the awful story of the dad who killed his daughter and her friend. The more than 60 people killed by insurgents in Iraq are not selling newspapers right this minute.

My frustration grows at how immune we the people are becoming to the details of carnage these bombings produce, and the billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars being wasted in a fruitless colonial occupation which is going nowhere, with no hard-core opposition to stop it among our elected representatives.

Then along comes my friend Chris Dickey, back on the “Shadowland” trail after weeks of sharing his insights on the demise of the old Pope and in with the new. Today Chris tells the tale of body counts, official glossings-over, and unplanned declassification of the classified truth about Iraq. Click now, and get up to speed.

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