Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nazi Regulations: Something to Aspire to

Leave it to Drudge to dig up a Washington Post column about the FBI trying to ditch the Constitution under the guise of security protection. What’s the point of having a government “by the people,” if that government tries to subvert the protections guaranteed "the people" by the document on which the government is based? Pursuant to Patriot Act allowances for leniency in perceived areas of security problems, the FBI will ask congress for permission “to investigate terrorism without first securing approval from a judge.”

In Nazi Germany, the same sort of precautionary laws were passed while the Germans were told it was for their own protection. By the time those who were threatened woke up to what was happening, it was too late. The only hope now is that congress will tell the FBI where to get off with their reckless ambitions—or have we already crossed the line where it’s too late for us too?

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