Monday, July 25, 2005

We’re Waiting for Fitzgerald

[Special Counsel Patrick] Fitzgerald may be looking at other laws barring the disclosure of classified info or the possibility that current or former White House aides made false statements or obstructed justice.-- Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal—What It Reveals, Michael Isikoff,Newsweek, Aug 1 issue

The press argues these days why or why not the Rove-leak story is on top or not. The blame goes back and forth as to who indeed among the media is looking after the interests of “we the people.” Then again, the most important news has become back ground noise:

As the blanket coverage of the Rove scandal gave way to the blanket coverage of the Roberts nomination last week, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why do the mainstream media seem capable of fixating on only one big story at a time, while never fixating on the biggest story of our time -- the disastrous war in Iraq and the impact it’s having on our national security?—Arianna Huffington July 25, 2005

My question regarding the prosecutor, Fitzgerald, on the Rove/Plame leak case, and indictments and hearings to come—maybe it’s too hot this summer and I’ve been around my children a lot compared to when they’re in school-- but “WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?” By the time the press dropped the ball on Watergate in 1972, Nixon got re-elected and had to be threatened with impeachment to be gotten rid of. If Fitzgerald lolligags around long enough, it’ll be 2008 and the issue of Bush crony felony indictments will be moot. He’s gonna pardon ‘em all anyway, but at least we should get the truth OUT while there is still a truth to be had.

I’m waiting…! We all are.

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