Thursday, July 21, 2005

“Welcome Condoleeza!” Welcome to Darfur!

Rice was greeted by a group of children who were clapping and chanting “Welcome, Condoleezza.” That was very touching, and then at the same time, the physical conditions at this refugee camp here in the desert are very tough.—MSNBC Andrea Mitchell July 21, 2005

MSNBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell was interviewed about being “roughed up” by Sudanese security guards who didn’t like her asking about conditions in Darfur.

When Mitchell asked, "Why should the U.S. believe the Sudanese government will stop the killing when the government is still supporting the militia?" Sudanese security guards grabbed her and muscled her out of the room while State Department officials shouted at them to leave her alone.--Huffington Post

Outraged, Condoleeza Rice was. The Secretary of State is touring Sudan trying to get a handle on how to get the government military to stop killing in Darfur—millions dead and homeless. Makes Hotel Rwanda look like a travel ad. Rice was sympathetic to the stories of the women, several of whom confided to her about their conditions, even though they were afraid of retaliation.

I quoted several stories and editorials in this blog on July 10 regarding the Darfur conflict.[Darfur: And the Money Goes to...] Andrea Mitchell press stories are not telling about the duplicitous action of the US government, represented in the Sudan today by Bush’s Secretary of State Rice, regarding the fighting in the Sudan: last year the US doubled the outlay of cash to the corrupt Sudanese leaders in order to guarantee that they won’t harbor terrorists anymore, like they used to in the 1990’s. Then Condy goes there to let them know they better shape up regarding human rights or else.

Or else what? Andrea Mitchell will say bad things about them?

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