Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings Possible Perpetrators

Senator John McCain said on this morning's NBC TODAY show that he thinks the proper response to the London bombings is to continue our war in Iraq. His rationale is that he would rather be fighting in Baghdad than on the streets of Arizona. Well, Senator, US and British occupation of Iraq, with all of the monetary expense and bloodshed that entails, didn't keep fanatics from wreaking havoc in the tubes of London.

If US forces pulled out of Iraq, and the money spent on endless killing and military build-up was spent instead on feeding and educating the downtrodden in the region, plus those people in other third-world hotbeds of disease and hunger, terrorists would find less recruits willing to join their empty cause. And Senator McCain knows the US is tactically and economically capable of waging this effort, just as it is capable of sending enormous military might overseas.

In case Senator McCain, or anyone else for that matter, is interested in who the killers were behind today's bombings, check out Christopher Dickey, Newsweek Paris Bureau Chief, in his video report on line.

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