Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Last Bush Straw

…the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Bush’s overall job rating has slipped and that his rating for being “honest and straightforward” has dropped to its lowest point.—MSNBC July 13, 2005
Let’s see—

The US and British are fighting in Iraq in order not to have to fight the terrorists on home ground. The terrorists bomb the London tube which might as well be our home ground…

Bush adamantly tells his fellow citizens that Social Security needs an overhaul, and his fellow citizens ignore him and bitch and moan about health care costs…

He proclaims his tax cuts for the rich have boosted the economy while huge rising crude oil prices bring the specter of a blunted boom and inflation on the horizon…

Bush champions the values of the right-wing Christian evangelists, yet that base only represents 1/5 or less of the president’s constituency…

He claimed re-election on a mandate, but with a slim popular vote lead, and the unchallenged and still contentious enormous vote-count fraud in Ohio, an objective person would ask, “what mandate?”

And the squeaky-clean corruption less-perceived lily-White House inhabited by the judgmental, finger-pointing holier-than-thou Bushies—they lied about Rove and his involvement, legal or illegal, in the Novak/Wilson/Plame leak affair, and all of their knowledge of it.

Now Bush and his team don’t want to discuss it due to the ongoing (for two years now) criminal investigation, so they say. But they did repeatedly comment on it before the truth about Rove’s involvement surfaced.

Tonight NBC reports Bush’s honesty rating is dropping to its lowest point.

So you see it isn’t just Rove, and it isn’t just one thing. It’s the whole package. It’s seeping out now, and it will turn to a flood soon. Don’t be afraid. Only good can come from this.

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