Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Secret, Forgiveness, & Vaccine Bullies

Last Friday OPRAH had a follow-up show to the

amazing discussion from a week earlier of the book
and DVD The Secret. The book on the right is my
wife's brand new book on topics similar to what was
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--NOW for an unsettling and not-so-rewarding topic: Last Thursday's TODAY SHOW on NBC featured a discussion about the controversy over giving the new Gardisil vaccine to young girls. Barbara Loe Fisher, our friend and congressional watchdog for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org) was interviewed about this subject, along with the resident propagandist for the medical establishment. Barbara was constantly interrupted by this defensive frightened bully, and even Meredith Viera tried to calm the physician down in order to let Barbara have her say.

Here is one letter to NBC about this segment, which fully explains and states very well the problems with the presentation:

"With regards to your interview on the cervical cancer vaccine, you should know that Dr. Nancy Snyderman was rude, arrogant, domineering and ignorant!! She unfortunatley represents the typical elitist mentality that so many blind " gotta be right" doctors have. As an intelligent, informed viewer---I'm sick of having her and other so called experts rule the roost. The truth of the matter is that Barbara Loe Fisher is the President and Founder of a NON-PROFIT organization---an organization that collects only the truths, the testimonies, and the outcomes of this INSANE DICTATORIAL LEGISLATIVE STRONGHOLD COERCIVE & PROFITABLE MIND-SLAUGHTERING ABUSE called vaccination.

Get with the program and open your eyes. Stop spinning the staus quo. Autism, learning disabilites, death, diabetes and PROFITS are skyrocketing because of vaccines. Look at the autism/PDD parents, look at the staggering numbers, interview them--their kids--the victims of our "coersion through intimidation" politics masked as science and health.

Are the networks afraid to loose their shirts and sponsers? You bet they are. But the fact is this -- you will have the support of the nation, the millions of people whose unfortunate voices are not being heard. These people are the majority-- and it only takes ONE person to make this change.

The truth has no opposite---it always survives. But I am afraid your show will follow the others and fall off into the common land of foul and unfair reporting. Meredith Viera is better than this. Have the conviction to expose the truth once and for all. It's waiting for you."

Parents take notice! For MORE on the vaccine issue, be SURE to get

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