Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Immigrants Help Us, Minutemen Steal From Each Other

Here are two fascinating stories from today's Los Angeles Times that demonstrate what I've been writing about for over a year: immigrants, documented or not, help US citizens in both pay and lifestyle, and the anti-immigration crypto-fascist Minuteman organization is rampant with corruption as well as white-supremacists.

Read for your self how immigrants boost pay rates and have lower incarceration percentages than natural citizens--statistics based on US census data, not surveys. Then check out how Gilchrist got kicked out of the Minuteman organization he founded because he used donated funds for himself.

Only in America!

(in case the Gilchrist story is behind "registration" at the LA Times web site, here's the quotes:)

Gilchrist, 58, of Aliso Viejo, said the three board members who voted this month to remove him amid financial mismanagement allegations held only honorary positions and wielded no voting power. Documents show that in 2005 Gilchrist set up the Minuteman Project as a Delaware corporation with only one voting board member, himself.Gilchrist said he had done nothing wrong and could fully account for the organization's money. His spokesman, Tim Buehler, said Tuesday that Gilchrist opponents "are just in this for a power grab."The board members who took the vote say Gilchrist invited them on the board as voting members and that they needed to cut the connection to their co-founder because, among their other allegations, more than $400,000 of the organization's money was unaccounted for.

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