Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Rule on Tipping--Toilet Paper'll do

Is it possible? Is it really conceivable--that in these United States, these days, a big pharmaceutical company could give a campaign donation to a candidate and in return, get preferential treatment toward its product? Oh, I forgot to mention the real reason for being incredulous that this could happen--the campaign donations from Merck to the Texas Governor's coffers and some other legislators were only $5,000 each! While Merck stands to reap billions of dollars in revenue for the Gardasil vaccine program--injecting pre-pubescent girls with an alleged cervical-cancer deterrent toxin--this huge drug monolith in effect bribes the Texan "public servants" with pocket change, and THEY GO FOR IT!

"AUSTIN, Texas Feb 21, 2007 (AP)— Gov. Rick Perry's chief of staff met with key aides about a new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer on the same day its manufacturer donated money to his campaign, documents obtained by The Associated Press show...

...A calendar for chief of staff Deirdre Delisi obtained under Texas' open records laws shows she met with the governor's budget director and three members of his office for an "HPV Vaccine for Children Briefing" on Oct. 16. That same day, Merck & Co.'s political action committee donated $5,000 to Perry and a total of $5,000 to eight state lawmakers."

I am gratified to see that my scorn and disgust for big pharma and politicians isn't misplaced. I just didn't know they were that CHEAP!

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