Friday, December 01, 2006

Ferragamo Flunky's "moment of BS"

Showing the usual lack of lucidity of mainstream broadcast network media, Brian Williams, on the NBC Nightly News, asked the nation's number one ass-kisser, Condoleezza Rice, how to define the crisis in Iraq. Minus a written transcript, the gist of the question was "The world's in quite a fix..." (BW starts off on a brilliant tact) "...would you say the situation regarding Iraq is one of 'crisis' or an 'important moment?' "
Not about to let a stupid question go without a reply of the current talking points supporting the most misguided foreign policy of a US presidential administration since Johnson got the troop level up to 500,000 in Vietnam, Rice started off with, "This is a 'moment of challenge,' and a moment of great opportunity."

She went on to describe the exit from Lebanon of the Syrian interference, the removal of Saddam Hussein from Iraq and other White-House jibber-jabber erratic slants on reality. Rice had a nice platform to continue her apple-polishing front for her imbecilic inarticulate boss. The question is, why didn't Brian Williams rebut her points, instead of supplying the unopposed platform. Talk about denigrating the lost lives of American military in the Iraq conflict. No wonder Gore Vidal put down the media in his interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS the other night.

If the media is reflective of the populace it serves--and no doubt they are--then those who leave authority unquestioned deserve what they get: unbridled, unaccountable, tyrannical authority. If we all started paying more attention and asked more and better questions, we'd get a more responsive and ultimately better government of the people. So once again, the "fault... lies not in the stars...but in ourselves."

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