Monday, December 11, 2006

Almost Any Democrat Will Do

I'm not a big fan of politicians. They call themselves public servants, and as euphemisms go, that's one of the greatest. Egotists, opportunists, megalomaniacs, deluded with grandeur visions of themselves, legends in their own minds, fame-mongers and hungry for power--most people get into politics for one of these aspects of character, just like my high-school friend who wanted to be a doctor in order to help people--mostly himself and his bank account.

Will Rogers said that "Once a man holds a public office he is absolutely no good for honest work." He also said, "Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke."

I also heard a saying that our elected officials are no better and no worse than the people who elected them. It is the due diligence of an American to hold his representative accountable. Therefore, I tend to observe either party in power with a critical eye. Having said that, I am hoping that the next president will be a democrat, and any of the following would be better than what we have now: Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Dennis Kucinich, Al Gore.

However, I have to look at the possibilities realistically with a nod to the electorate. Kucinich, probably the most thoughtful and dedicated of the choices, is considered too liberal and outside the mainstream to get the nomination. Not by me, of course--he's probably the best choice due to his platform and depth. Obama would be the exotic best flavor, just because he represents the melting pot of our country, along with great intellect and political savvy. Hillary's good just because she has leadership qualities even though she blew it for me by supporting the misguided abortion of the Iraq incursion and occupation.

This leaves Mr. Gore, whom I emailed today on his web site the following message:

Please Vice President Gore, run for president 2008. The country needs your leadership, your direction, your energy, your compassion, and your intellect, as well as your expertise and political experience.

Since you already won in 2000, it's only right that you should take office as soon as possible.

Seems obvious, and even with his qualities as listed, it will take more than two terms of a Gore presidency to set right what the court-jester-in-charge has put amok these past 6 years. Even Will Rogers wouldn't be able to joke about it.

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