Friday, December 29, 2006

Feelin Good, Like I Knew I Would!

Within the past hour Saddam Hussein was reported hung (hanged?) along with a half brother and former judge. Boy do I feel better now. All that blood and money spent to get that bad guy out of power--such a cleansing. I'm sure the widows, mothers, and fathers of the several thousand soldiers killed in Iraq are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. The tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of Iraqi civilians whose lives are shattered and lost due to the American incursion into Iraq, to obtain and hang Hussein, are feeling good right now.

Then again, I could be wrong. Without a TV broadcast of the actual hanging, how good can you feel? I can feel the closure--just like the passing of Jerry Ford, who pardoned his close friend Nixon for any crimes he may have committed as US pres. I read the accolades and praise, and I remember the guy, Ford, who let another criminal, Nixon, off the hook, and said it was for my sake.

I don't wish anything bad on these bad guys--I think Saddam should be teaching classes at some university on dictatorship--first hand eval, rather than geeky historian afterthought. Nixon should have had to stand trial so we'd know all the strings that could be pulled and maybe avoid the advent of George W, another hairbrained criminal in action.

You got it by now--I'm not a fan of capitol punishment. I am a fan of justice, in the hands of an enlightened and meaningful society. As soon as we get one on this planet I'll be th first one to serve jury duty.

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