Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wolfowitz in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolfowitz Says Iraq War Might Not Have Occurred if United States knew Hussein Had No WMD—NuclearthreatInitiative.org12/8/05

That’s not exactly what the article associated with the headline says:

“I'm not sure based on the evidence we know now that we could have been absolutely convinced that there was no danger, absolutely no danger,” Wolfowitz, a chief promoter of the invasion who is now president of the World Bank, said at the National Press Club. “If somebody could have given you a Lloyd’s of London guarantee that weapons of mass destruction would not possibly be used, one would have contemplated much more support for internal Iraqi opposition and not having the United States take the job on the way we did.”NTI

“Internal Iraqi opposition.” I am not a third-grader. My daughter is in the third grade and she is quite willing in her innocence to grant a liar some leeway. I am not.

Wolfowitz is now head of the World Bank; he was one of the notorious neocons who masterminded the Iraq invasion scenario from day one.

From 1989 to 1993, Dr. Wolfowitz served as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in charge of the 700-person defense policy team that was responsible to Secretary Dick Cheney for matters concerning strategy, plans, and policy. During this period Secretary Wolfowitz and his staff had major responsibilities for the reshaping of strategy and force posture at the end of the Cold War. Under his leadership, the Policy Staff played a major role in reviewing war plans for the Gulf War, and developing and executing plans that successfully raised more than $50 billion in Allied financial support for the war and prevented Iraq from opening a second front with Israel.—White House web site

The loyal support (for Bush policy) of an old friend (Wolfowitz) speaking out on behalf of “cooler heads” (hindsight) is the impetus behind Wolfowitz’s chicken shit remarks about “yes WMD or no WMD.” In fact, the vengeance and recrimination of the neocons against their old anti-Iran ally Sadam-turned-renegade is what the Iraq business has been all about from the end of the Gulf War to the Iraq campaign. The smart press knows it, the politicians in DC know it, and only the American public doesn’t have a clue because they don’t have time to follow to nuances while they’re trying to make ends meet all day long. The Bush guys depend on this apathy to maintain power.

Why don’t we all wise up and call these guys what they are—greedy wanton criminals. It works on the corporate raiders, like Adelphia and Enron--why not on our corrupt elected officials?

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