Friday, December 16, 2005

Citizens of the World Unite!

How many times will I have to write on this blog about the benefit of immigrants to the economy and general welfare of our country? In a typical mutually positive email exchange with Carolyn Kaye of, I pointed out that there is evidence of benefits from immigration that is being presented to the state of California. Carolyn’s reaction was practical if not resigned:

This country was built on immigration. We owe all of our energy and
maverick spirit to immigration. But my skeptical side (which is gigantic) has to ask: When have facts ever been allowed to overcome emotion?

That’s a tough argument, and from the friendly side. Here are some facts, and ideas, from a column in the Los Angeles Times:

…by deflating numerous myths about illegal immigration it [report prepared by the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy] underscores the genuine issues and points us toward the best policies to address them. Chief among its findings is this: Immigration, legal or illegal, while imposing net fiscal costs on this state, produces a net economic benefit for the country.-- MICHAEL HILTZIK / GOLDEN STATE, Los Angeles Times, 12/15/05

You’ll really have to read the entire article for the inside “emmes.” Rest assured, whatever prejudices you had about “illegal immigration” prior to reading this article, you will have to think about again, in order to justify your convictions with the facts. Our relatives, friends, and neighbors, who are fearful of the incoming tide of immigrants to this country, legal or documented, are not well informed about reality. And the demagogue politicians who would try to scare us into thinking that terrorists and criminals are flooding through our borders are also misinformed.

The fact is simple: we are a nation of immigrants, that is where the strength of America lies, and we must embrace this strength for our future, because that is reality. We must adopt programs to organize this influx of immigrants, rather than opposing it as if it were a problem.

Get a grip, as the world becomes smaller.

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