Monday, September 19, 2005

Bob Cesca Puts O'Reilly Really in Place

In a nice set of stats (Bill O'Reilly loves the "stats!") Bob Cesca really puts Bill in context with the shill that he is. Cesca, one of Huffington Post's gifted and succinct bloggers, claimed he had enough of ebullient anti-journalist Bill O'Reilly's bs tonight, and offered a solution to the dilemma of what facts are facts, and where the truth really lies.

Cesca complains about fiscal figures that O'Reilly quotes to make Bush's economics look good, when in fact, the opposite is true. Yes I agree, as most of us who actually get our news information from OTHER than cable TV or network news will understand...

Bill has his choir, and they don't care about, and as Jack Nicholson's cliche would indicate, "Can't handle" the truth:

It's not breaking news that O'Reilly tends to fabricate information or bend the truth in order to justify his chewing gum talking points, but tonight's foray into the absurd was too much to ignore. And when we're headed into a period of time in which Bush's tax cuts will continue to reward the wealthiest Americans while the rest of us are asked to make sacrifices, O'Reilly butchering of reality is only hurting his viewers' understanding of what's really going on. Shut his mic off.--Cesca Blog

Considering that today, after many months of ignoring O'R's ranting because it all gets too predictable, I listened to 30 minutes of his radio show this morning as I was stuck in the car during traffic. Bill efficiently hauled off on several icons of journalism, with the sanctimonious assurance that in his world, the truth is as follows: The British "Guardian," is largely Communist, The New York Times is vacant fodder for gouging slander at Bill O'Reilly, Los Angeles Times gifted reporter Tim Rutten is the tabloid's queen at making a farce of real journalism.

All I could think was, when I was watching TV in the fifties, Howdy Doody was major entertainment. So why complain about Bill O'Reilly now, while he provides entertainment totally disconnected from real journalism, anymore than we would have thought to complain about Howdy Doody. Both are ridiculous and fun to watch.

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