Sunday, July 01, 2012

Voters opposed to Obamacre says it Doesn't go Far Enough!

Some polls showing the -for and -against Obama health care bill are misleading. In some cases, people who might have been in the "in favor" of Obama health care collumn were "opposed" but not because they were against health care reform. They simply didn't think the health care law went far enough by excluding the public option and other more equitable measures that would have caost the average taxpayer less while lessening the intrusion of for-profit health insurance companies.

As it stands, and has been combed through SCOTUS, it's about as far-reaching and beneficial as anything that's come up since FDR's Social Security, and LBJ's Great Society.

Don't be afraid of socialism--we live in a socialist republic. Some on the right would use smoke and mirrors to mae you think our form of government is a democracy--it's certainly not communism, but then neither is China--they are run by dictators who champion entrepreneurial capitalism.

The next best move, ASAP, would be astimulus plan twice the size of the last, instituted by Obama in collabroaion with the Fed. Then we'll see happ days come here again...

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