Sunday, February 05, 2012

All the News That Fits Shouldn't be Print

Statins don't lower mortality rates--niacin can help, flouride doesn't prevent cavities--xylitol is proven to work, vaccines are tampering with our primary immune systems causing lunges in elevations of childhood diabetes, asthma, and yes, autism spectral dysfunctions.

Banks are foreclosing on the lousy loan holders they goosed into biting at the worng hand. Slow moving DA's back east are pouncing on BofA and Wells Fargo for hazy unethical methods of screwing the little guy who wanted to own his own home.

The media makes every little sensational story about sexual deviancy and celebrity maladjustment and being held up to close judgmental scrutiny a huge ational dilemma--it's not.

Where';s the truth these days? If Israel attacks Iran because they built Nuke capable weapons does that help keep those weapons holstered? As the Republicans spout the stupidest nonsense that school children laugh about because if they said it their teachers would wonder why they were trying to be goofy, one wonders where the cooler heads are that need to prevail because in fact  there are seriously mega-desctructive weapons out there that can kill us all, and there are financial greed mongers and drug pushers who could kill us all a little more cleverly, but dead just the same.

Time for the cooler prevailing heads to speak out loudly, before they start getting squashed into a corner by some Gingrich fathead know-nothing amd makes them look like the radicals of the hippie dippy 60's.--You know, the drug-crazed free-sex nuts who thought the War in Vietnam was wrong and took so many years to gain traction because Nixon said they were commie-infiltrated and anti-American.

Is that what we are? A bunch of drugged up terrified hair-brained whacko's? The middle class that goes to work every day and makes the place run? And have to listen and watch nutball junk coming out of the mouths of policitians, CEO's, pundits claiming to have inside expert knowledge. Or are we lacking clear grounded leadership--or avoiding it. We voted for it last time around,. Time to start giving it some creedence after 4 years of seasoning. Stop believeing everything you read and expecially watch on TV.

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