Friday, February 01, 2008

In case you want to know what a hero looks like--here's the pic.

As I've said here before, George Clooney can choose any activity on this planet that would suit his pleasure. One of the choices he makes is to try to bring attention to the attrcities in Africa, specifically the Darfur region of Sudan. How are his actions received?

The actor recently visited Darfur with U.N. peacekeeping officials and said he saw that a lack of helicopters and other equipment was hindering the force's efforts to protect civilians and itself.

But representatives of Russia and other countries at the meeting objected to an actor telling them how to handle the crisis -- and he was asked not to speak after all.

Too bad--there aren't many humans on the planet who are willing to expend this amount of energy in the face of constant criticism. Maybe it TAKES an actor to do this job!!

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