Monday, June 11, 2007

Vaccines Cause Autism

The parents of 12-year-old Michelle Cedillo asked a federal court Monday to find that their child's autism was caused by common childhood vaccines, a precedent-setting case that could pave the way for thousands of autistic children to receive compensation from a government fund set up to help people injured by the shots.

The problem with this case is its focus on thimerosol, a mercury-based preservative, as the culprit in the shots. The great drug companies who bring us so many wonderful patent medicines in an effort to make tons of money for their stockholders, while sometimes actually affording you and me the benefits of advances in pain relief, disease, etc--these great drug companies only make those wonderful advances by accident along the way to fattening the bottom line. And forget what you read in the MSM about vaccines not being a cash cow--there's nothin but gold in them thar shots!

The culprit is not mercury, or at least not entirely--it's the mechanism of how a vaccine works that underlies its sinister outward affects. Do you think only the severely bruised, retarded, dislexic, autistic, or dead by SIDS, children are affected by the awful toxins contained in vaccines? We ALL are. Some of us have allergies, or ADD, or asthmoa, or type II diabetes as children: any of us who have ever received a shot in order to "immunize" our system against a future potential germ onslaught--we have been given that germ in some form in order to have our bodies mimic a counterattack as if we really got that disease.

The smart researchers, the ones who are being clobbered by the drug-company powers-that-be as providing specious studies that are not provable--these pioneering researchers like Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others, have found the answer to the vaccine/autism connection. It lies in the gut, the secondary immune system, and its failure to absorb nutrients needed for brain development, after the invasion of toxins from vaccines.

The good news is that this case will bring to the forefront the objection of so many parents around the world who know, better than any drug manufacturer or federal agency, how their children changed after getting a shot--how obvious the affect of the shot was, and in so many unfortuante cases, how terible the resulting debilitation became. It's about time they all had their day in court, regardless of the outcome--because the truth has no opposite, and knowledge and information are power.

Fail or not in court, the advocates for the vaccine/autism connection in this case have already won. The message to parents is clear and they have the right to choose for their children.

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